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30 Aug 2012

In this Consultation Paper, we invite comments on the proposed amendments to the FSA Handbook relating to the EU Short Selling Regulation (SSR), which applies from 1 November 2012.

Why are we issuing this consultation paper?

The SSR introduces requirements for reporting significant net short positions in shares and sovereign debt. It is directly applicable in the UK – however, there are some areas where Member States have discretion about how to exercise their powers, or it requires matters to be dealt with in accordance with national law.  

This CP seeks your views and comments on our policies regarding the exercise of discretion and how we will implement the SSR in the UK.  

Who is this CP aimed at?

Market participants.

Consultation paper


What are the next steps?

Online response form

Send us your responses by 20 September 2012. We will then finalise any changes to the Handbook in light of responses.

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