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01 Jan 2000

The FSA's Consultation paper CP63 is entitled 'The Authorisation manual'. It was published in August 2000 and the period for consultation responses closes on 31 October 2000.

Please note, the helpline number printed in the newsletter below has now changed to 0845 608 2372.

Introductory documents

Newsletter [ PDF | 50.9 KB | 8 pages ]

Press Release: Transparency in the FSA's regulatory processes

Consultation paper

The Authorisation manual [ PDF | 96.3 KB | 33 pages ]

Draft manual [ PDF | 817 KB | 134 pages ]


The deadline for submitting responses on this consultation has now closed.

Policy statement: Regulatory processes manuals (Authorisation, Supervision, Enforcement and Decision making) and Threshold conditions

Policy statement: The Authorisation and Supervision manuals

Other relevant information

CP150: The Authorisation manual
Consultation on Draft Guidance on the identification of contracts of insurance

CP104: The Authorisation manual
Supplementary consultation on Certifications, Financial Promotion and related activities, and Open-ended Investment Companies

FSA Handbook